Nature employs the recycling mechanism to remove the living/dead wastes using bacteria and catalysts like enzymes.  BIO-CLEAN cleaner implements the same principle for decomposing animal and vegetable waste in pipes.

Every living being has a unique survival mechanism. Luckily for us, there exist many forms of waste decomposing bacteria. Specific bacteria eats wastes on pipes and hence cleans the interior clogging, in the most natural manner, without causing side effects/contamination of nature, Bio-clean is a product that provides perfect combination of  such bacteria and strong enzymes which is very helpful in resolving issues related to clogging of drains.

As mentioned above, Bio-clean also consists of enzymes. These enzymes are catalysts which favors the natural reactions. They consolidate specific condition for the best action for the bacteria. Enzymes are bacteria specific, i.e. an enzyme can only favor a specific bacteria.

The packed bacteria are kept inactive in specific containers. These bacteria become active within half an hour when mixed with water. Water is essential to create the right conditions in which the bacteria can be active. The enzymes break down the waste thereby speeding the breaking down process for bacteria, providing most favorable conditions. After activation the bacteria starts eating the waste, each bacteria is capable of consuming its own weight of waste per minute. These bacteria multiply by cell division process, within half an hour the number of bacteria doubles.

The instructions to use Bio-clean are provided with every container. For best results Bio-clean should be mixed with warm water and thrown down the drain. The solution should be allowed to work without interruption of water flow for at least 6-8 hours. Bacteria in remaining waste will continue its cell multiplication and thus provide a clean drain. Even though, periodic maintenance reduces clogging risks.


The natural systems and bacteria does preventive jobs, but unfavorable conditions (usage of drastic agents, in abundant) hampers the prevention works. This is true not only in case of human body, but also for septic system. The over usage of strong cleaning chemicals can harm the normal biological functioning of bacteria and respective enzymes. This can result in drain blockages and clogging. Chemicals prevent the multiplication of coliform bacteria, needed for decomposition of sediments in water. It is because of these chemicals that many septic systems fail to function properly. Since the strong chemicals slow down the biological actions of the bacteria, the tanks require frequent pumping as there is too much of solids build up. Coliform bacteria cannot deal with the synthetic constituent of detergents and require warm body temperature in order to function properly.

BIO-CLEAN stores high immune bacteria and effective enzymes to overcome drastic chemicals .This results in a powerful reaction as compared to the normal coliform bacteria. Hence, the working hours and efficiency even on solid and synthetic wastes is quite effective.
Usage of non natural cleaners and non natural food particles, over the pipe, kills the natural bacterial actions letting wastes none decomposed and accumulated, hence resulting in clogging. BIO-CLEAN will restore the necessary bacterial action and provide healthy working environment for a longer time, thereby, makes your system work at full efficiency!  Care should be allotted for the  selection of cleaning agents for septic system.


A garbage disposal unit is often installed between the drain and the trap, where wastes get accumulated over a period of time, causing slinky decomposition and hence a foul smell. BIO CLEAN eliminates even the minutest of all wastes, in the most natural order and hence a healthy living maintained.


Grease traps are used by food handling units, so that their oily wastes and solid wastes don’t enter the public sewage system and react chemically with other unknown elements, causing hazards. A grease trap controls temperature and aids the greasy wastes (oil) to rise from waste flow and kept trapped and the rest water continues the flow. Grease trap of a system will have wastes in horrible forms (mostly in rotten and semi rotten greasy form). Handling it is not an easy Job. BIO-CLEAN will digest the hard grease, eliminating the horribleness, and safe removal of hazardous by products.


Sump is a low lying pit by the drainage .Sumps while receiving drainage might result in accumulation of sediments. This eventually develops foul odor and unhealthy living condition. Cleaning is a mighty herculean task. Sometimes such situation can become grotesque. BIO-CLEAN does magic by digesting organic material in the waste water, in no time. Hence increasing the efficiency of the entire system and reduced energy costs as bonus with BIO-CLEAN.


Out house is a small toilet structure built out of main building, which has neither a flush nor a sewer. Sanitary condition in such premises will be terrible and unhealthy; it is quite obvious for any out house to have Odor.BIO-CLEAN work effectively on biological wastes, and fumigate them as soon as the cleansing reaction starts. Therefore BIO-CLEAN drastically reduces odor and the inhabitation of flies and dirty insects.


R.V & Boat holding tanks are used to collect the biological wastes from contaminating the water body. It is thrown out in places which are sanctioned by the international law, as dump stations.
While holding the waste, some scum will get in contact with the walls, inside, resulting in small scale sedimentation of waste. It remains there and gets built up over the years producing odor and deteriorates the working capacity of the tank. It means more energy wastage and hectic cleaning, which is often quite expensive. Change or repair of the system is as well expensive.
Dump stations are very specific about the discharge of wastes that eventually will contaminate the marine lives. Hazardous wastes emptied means heavier fines levied. Most chemicals used for cleaning are not approved by dump stations, since chemical reaction is done and it hampers toxicity.
Usage of BIO-CLEAN sanitizes the entire system, and provides further protection. First time usage of the product might take more time and product, since a long process need to be accomplished. But further usage makes it less complex and more perfect. BIO-CLEAN functions naturally with bacteria and enzymes of nature and hence the biological processes is most sane. The results are non hazardous and accepted by any regulatory bodies.