Questions & Answers

What amount of BIO-CLEAN should be used for good plumbing results?

Each spoon of BIO-CLEAN contains millions of bacteria; these bacteria can double their size within half an hour. Once active, they start eating the slickly waste inside the drain. They can eat waste equivalent to their own size within a minute. For bacteria to regenerate, a specific living condition and temperature is required. Such a condition is obtained with the help of enzymes present inside Bio-clean.

How do Bio-clean work on clog?

BIO-CLEAN bacteria work on clog caused due to accumulation of biodegradable wastes. Generally a clog is caused due to accumulation of wastes along the length of the pipe for couple of feets. In such tedious cases, it is advisable to use mechanical cable to let the flow on. Later BIO-CLEAN treatment can be exercised to wipe off the remaining wastes.

How long does it take for Bio-clean to show results?

Time duration depends on the nature of accumulation of wastes. In certain light cases, a day or two is enough for miracles. In extreme cases, the cleaning task will be completed within a week or maximum three. Hair is the most difficult material for digestion. The first five days of treatment do not complete the cleaning process. The cleaning process is a chain reaction; it just goes on without causing us much botheration.

How to use Bio-clean in case of toilet?

BIO-CLEAN should be left undisturbed in the toilet bowl (at least for 6-8 hours) for the bacteria to start operating in full swing, without the trouble of being washed away. The portion of the mixture poured onto the bowl, pushes one quarter of water and mixture out of the bowl into the stack. The enzymes and bacteria deposit on the gook coating of the pipe and degeneration of wastes and multiplication of bacteria occurs, heavily in the following 6-8 hours, embedding the bacteria onto the system, without the risk of being flushed out, when the toilet is flushed.

What is stronger a chemical drain opener or BIO-CLEAN?

BIO-CLEAN is a natural cleaning agent. The nature of chemical agents is such that they tend to flow downwards under the influence of gravity. Since the chemical runs down the pipe real fast it cannot clean a vertical pipe properly. In case of horizontal pipes, the chemicals cannot climb up the walls of the pipe to remove wastes. The bacteria on the other hand can move and follow food. They can get on to the walls, eat the wastes and then multiply to generate more bacteria. This process cleans up the pipe completely to such an extent that not even the heaviest particle is left behind. Irrespective of how strong a chemical is it cannot be as effective as Bio-clean when it comes to cleaning.

Does BIO-CLEAN contain any toxic, poisonous or harmful substance like acid, lye, solvents or perfume?

No, BIO-CLEAN is a perfect natural cleaner, which is a perfect combination of bacteria and enzymes.

Do BIO-CLEAN eliminate tree roots?

BIO-CLEAN only attacks dead roots. Roots tend to harm sewer under damp conditions in search of rich organic food. Since the wastes in pipe would have rich organic food for the roots, they penetrate into the pipe, grow and then restrict the flow through the pipe. Since BIO-CLEAN clean up the pipe completely, there is no reason why roots should penetrate into the pipes.

How can BIO-CLEAN help a septic system?

BIO-CLEAN can work on septic system easily. The bacteria are quite immune and highly metabolic. It works on a great variety of wastes, which the common bacteria /yeast addictives may leave behind. Intestinal bacteria escape from working on near to impossible indigestive stuffs like paper, grease etc. BIO-CLEAN eliminate even the most difficult element from its work area and so a lot of money is saved.

Is it true that chemicals can be incompatible with septic systems?

Yes, chemicals can be incompatible with septic systems, a chemical may result is hazardous reaction when it comes in contact with anything that is not biodegradable e.g. food preservative, chlorine, sanitizers etc.

What is the impact of garbage disposal or a automatic dishwasher on a septic system? How can BIO-CLEAN help?

A garbage disposal or a dishwasher will definitely affect a septic system. Inside the tank, sediments tend to accumulate at a fast rate but frequent use of BIO-CLEAN can eliminate this risk. Generally dishwashing agents like powder or gel comprises of chlorine, which can cause a lot of harm to the biological activity of the bacteria, thus blocking natural elimination of wastes. Remedy is usage of BIO-CLEAN regularly and switch to non-chlorinated biodegradable dishwashing gels and powders. Contact an authorized Bio-clean dealer in your area to get a list of recommended products.

Can BIO-CLEAN help in stopping odors?

Of course! It can easily clean up the waste that causes odor.

Do BIO-CLEAN digest hair?

Absolutely!  BIO-CLEAN can digest hair. Hair is most difficult to digest, but Bio-clean is able to digest it quickly with ease. BIO-CLEAN is therefore very effective in clearing blockages caused due to accumulation of hair.

How is BIO-CLEAN better than other liquid biological products?

It is quite economical to use BIO-CLEAN for cleaning drains. It is quite concentrated and steady in action. Liquid biological products do not digest the wastes; they generally have a short life as compared to BIO-CLEAN.

Can BIO-CLEAN help in stopping the odors coming from a cat litter pan?

100% accurate results will be visible, if pan is washed and dried properly and then sprinkled with BIO-CLEAN at the bottom, and also coated at the top before adding a new litter.

For how long can one BIO-CLEAN product be used?

BIO-CLEAN can be used for several years if stored at normal temperature under dry conditions.

Can BIO-CLEAN harm the environment in any way?

BIO-CLEAN is a natural product with no such thing that can hurt the ecology, whilst, it just helps cleaning. The enzymes help in creating favorable conditions for the bacteria under which organic wastes can be easily digested. The natural digestion recycles organic waste back to plant food which doesn’t harm any living organism on land or in marine life.

What if I am not satisfied with the results?

If you have followed all the instructions properly and still you are not satisfied with the results, you will get all money back. However while using the product enough time should be allotted depending on the harshness of work involved.